When inviting new users to your account, you'll be given the opportunity to give them a user role.
No matter what someones role is, they can only access the leads and settings for the locations they've been given access to. 

GymLeads has the following user roles:

  • Owner: Only one user can be the account owner, and this role is given to the user who created the account. An owner can do and see everything. The account owner always has access to all the locations. The owner can't be removed by anyone.
  • Admins: Admins have all the same roles and permissions as an owner, however, they can only access the locations they have been given access to. They can only be removed by the owner or other admins.
  • Franchise Owners: Franchise Owners have the ability to manage key permissions for their location. They can update billing, top up SMS accounts and create email to lead maps. They can only be removed by the owner or admin. 
  • Sales Managers: This role is for people who manage a sales team at one or more clubs. They can view and allocate leads, run reports and manage their sales team. They don't have the permission to create new clubs or change billing.
  • Salespeople: Salespeople can only see and manage leads that have been assigned to them by default. They cannot run reports, assign or reassign leads. You can change their permissions in the Settings->Sales Team
  • Reception: Receptionists can only view leads at the clubs they have access to. They can assign and reassign leads by default and view everyones schedules.
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