Setting Up & Managing Your Team

Inviting, setting up and managing your team members to your locations

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GymLeads becomes much more useful when your entire sales team is using the system. To invite new salespeople to your clubs go to Settings->Sales Teams to view all of your clubs and the team at each one.

Inviting your sales team

Each club can have as many users as you like, so we encourage you to invite your entire team to get the most out of it. Click 'New Invite' and fill in their details to send them an invite.

New invites are shown in the pending invites section. You can resend or revoke these invites at any time before they've been accepted.

The team member will receive an email with a link to set up their username and password. This link will expire after 24 hours.

Managing members

Once they have accepted and created an account, they will appear in the list of team members. Clicking on a team member will let you set availability, permissions, sales targets and lead time out features.

Sharing users among locations

If you have an existing user that you want to add to an existing location, you can do this from the sales team section.

Click 'Add existing user' for a selected location, and enter their username. If that username existing under your account, they'll be instantly added to that location.

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