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GymLeads Companion App
GymLeads Companion App

A Phone App

Written by Maram Mohamed
Updated over a week ago

We are very pleased to announce our very own native app - the GymLeads Companion App. This free app is perfect for the salesperson on the go!

Simply log in with the same username and password that you use for the desktop app. There are four main sections in the app.


Here is a quick video about the home page of the app.


The notifications tab is where you can see all recent activity.


The settings tab is where you can control what push notification the app sends you. This is also where you can log out.


The leads tab is where you can view all leads in the system regardless of which location or salesperson they are assigned to. They will always be in order from newest at the top and oldest at the bottom.

Like with the desktop app, simply click on a leads name to view their profile.

Leads Profile

  • You can see basic details in the lead profile:
    Their Email Address.
    Their Phone Number.
    Which stage in the sales process they are in
    Who they are assigned to

    Which location they belong to

  • You can change the stage the lead is at by taping the step you would like to move them to

  • You can change the status of the lead by tapping their status at the top right of the screen.

  • You can also change who they are assigned to and their lead source simply by tapping the appropriate box.

  • You can check the lead history, what actions have been taken, and from who.

  • You can also view the SMS and email history.

  • You can send SMS and quick send Emails (including quick send templates - HTML templates are not supported) through the app.

  • Any emails sent through the app will automatically have the same headers and footers you would have previously set up in the system templates. More information on System Templates HERE.
    Here's a quick video on how to send an Email or SMS.

    If you haven't downloaded the app already, here are the links to do so!

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