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Designing the default Quick Send email template (System Templates)
Designing the default Quick Send email template (System Templates)

Change how your Quick Send emails look by updating the template.

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Quick Send emails are simple, text-only emails that are used to quickly communicate with your leads and members. You'd typically use it for one to one emails and whenever images and links aren't required.

By default, your Quick Send email templates has a basic design. You can change how it looks by following these instructions:

  • Log into the GymLeads Marketing app.

  • Navigate to Templates > Email > System Templates

  • Select Edit the Quick Send Email Template.

  • Name your template e.g. Default (This won't effect the subjects of any future emails you send out)

  • Update and design your template by dragging and dropping the content modules you’d like into the email editor, just like you would when you design HTML email templates.

  • Once you’re done, click Save template to finish. All your Quick Send emails will now be in the design of your template. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not edit the merge tag {{quick_email_text}} - this is the stand-in for what you actually write when you are sending a one-on-one email through the lead profile, if you change it in any way, it will break the code.

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