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Facebook Messenger Integration
Facebook Messenger Integration

How does it work?

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Facebook Messenger integration allows makes managing leads from your Facebook Page a breeze by:

  • Automatically filtering new messages through your Facebook page as a lead or member.

  • Automatically asking leads for their phone number.

  • Bringing their profile into your account as a new lead, with their name, profile picture and gender.

  • Once assigned to a salesperson, they can continue messaging them in Facebook Messenger through the GymLeads Platform.

Check it out for yourself! Head over to our demo Facebook page and click 'send message' to see the integration in action.

The GymLeads Messenger Bot
Once connected (read about setting up integration) to your Facebook page(s), our friendly bot will automatically bring leads into GymLeads. New visitors to your page will see a message asking them to get started.

Once this is selected, our bot will kick off the conversation. If they are already a member, our bot will ignore them and you can manage them through your normal process.

If they are a lead, we'll ask them for their phone number:

Then we will let them know that someone will be in touch soon:

After the conversation is finished, the lead will be pulled into GymLeads to be assigned:

Communicating through Facebook Messenger
Once assigned, the salesperson can ask more questions and arrange a tour through Facebook Messenger:

All messages sent to the lead will be recorded here, so anyone can what was said in a conversation.

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