If you've set up your MINDBODY integration, you can take advantage of Lead Sync . If this is on we will attempt to sync your leads with MINDBODY.

Every time you create or update a lead, we'll try and send their details to MINDBODY. MINDBODY can be quite strict about what fields it needs before a member can be created, so it will depend on how much details you've put in. You'll be able to view the status by looking at the sync tag next to their name:

Never Synced

If a lead has never been synced, it will show a red tag next to the name. You can hover over the 'i' to see what fields need to be added before we can add them.


If you see a green tag next to the name, it means the lead has been successfully synced with your MINDBODY account and all their details are up to date.

Checking for existing leads
If you add a lead, we'll check to see if they exist in MINDBODY first so we don't create double ups.
We use the email to check for an existing lead. If we find a lead with the same email in your account, we'll link them and all changes you make to them in GymLeads will affect the MINDBODY member.

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