Custom Mail Merge Tags

Create customer merge fields and tags for templates, bulk messages and funnels.

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Merge tags are a handy and efficient way of bringing custom information into your emails and SMS's without you having to find it and type it out every time. Up until now, the merge fields were fixed and based on standard information such as lead names and birthdays, club addresses and opening hours, etc. You can now create custom fields so that you can include information that is specific to your company and the clubs within your company! These might include sign-up links, Facebook pages, Calednly links and many more! Watch the video below to learn how:

Create the company defaults

Settings > Custom Mail Merge Tags

These can only be created by 'Owners' and 'Admins' and will dictate the information that the locations should put in their own merge fields. If a club does not set their own, then the values that are defined in the company defaults will be what is used.

Each location can customise their own fields

Settings > locations > scroll to the very bottom

This is where each club can put in the links/values that are specific to them.

Note: Please log out and back in or do a hard refresh to update the system once you have made these changes.

Add the merge tags to your emails and SMS's!

Once you have refreshed, you will see the new merge tags in your list:

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