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View your schedule on your iPhone
View your schedule on your iPhone

View your appointments and call schedule on your iPhone or iPad

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, setting up your GymLeads calendar is super easy.

  1. On your phone, navigate to the Settings->Calendar screen. If you are on an iPhone you'll see an 'Install calendar for iPhone/iPad' button. Tap it.

2. This will open a new screen asking you to install a profile. Installing this profile will set up a calendar subscription for your GymLeads calendar on your iPhone.
Click install and follow the prompts. Once you've finished, click done and you'll be taken back to your browser.

3. If you open the calendar app, you'll see your GymLeads schedule. By default you'll get a push notification 15 minutes before a call or appointment is due, but you can change this in your calendar settings.


If you want to remove the calendar, you'll need to uninstall the profile. To do this  open your settings app and navigate to:
General->Profiles->{Profile Name}->Delete Profile

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