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Funnel Audience Filters and Triggers
Funnel Audience Filters and Triggers

An entire list of all the filters and triggers that can be used in funnels

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For a lead to move through a funnel, it relies on two things

  1. That the lead continually matches the audience filters

  2. That the lead matches the trigger

The lead must match the audience filters BEFORE the trigger happens otherwise it will not begin the funnel - it will have 'missed the jumping off point' so to speak.

If you have a funnel with more than one step in the series - meaning you are sending messages over numerous hours, days or even weeks - the lead must continually match the audience filters to continue moving through the funnel. The moment the lead stops matching the audience filters, it will stop moving through the funnel and will remain 'stuck' at the last step it was on until you manually remove them (this is not necessary though)


The audience filters are as below:

as soon as a lead has one or more appointment created on their lead profile, they will stop matching the filter and stop moving through the funnel.

List of Funnel Audience Filters

This funnels can be 'stacked' by using the 'leads that match [all] of these filters' option

If you use the the 'leads that match [any] of these filters option, you are not combining the filters (telling the system to only choose leads that have both [x] and [y]), you are telling the system to choose [x] and [y].


I have selected the filters 'under the age of 30' and 'female'. With the [all] option selected, I only have two leads selected, that is because there are only two leads in the system that are females under 30 (keep in mind, this required the age and gender be on the leads profile, if the lead never provided that information/that information was never added to their profile, they will not match these filters.)

If I change the option to 'leads that match [any] of these filters', then the number of leads selected increases to 97, because now the system is selecting any lead that is female AND any lead that is under 30.

List of Funnel Triggers

Each option when clicked will have a secondary page allowing you to select the desired waiting time and some other requirements.


When I click on 'lead is closed', it takes me to a secondary page asking me which specific deal and how long to wait.

Important Note

The difference between an 'appointment' and a 'presentation' is important to note - the appointment is just the booking in the calendar, whereas a presentation is when lead is actually due to show up.

The use of these two words is important, not just for funnels but for reporting purposes.

For example, you might see the trigger 'appointment completed' and think this means that the lead showed up, but this is not the case.

'Appointment completed' just means you 'ticked off' the appointment in your dashboard or the leads profile, even if you 'ticked it off' as them having not shown up.

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