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Introducing the new GymLeads Front Desk App

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GymLeads is excited to announce that we now have an app available for our new Front Desk Kiosk system. This will be a branded check-in experience for your guests to sign waiver forms, check themselves in for appointments, track visits etc. This is available for both Apple and Android devices and is free as part of your subscription!

How to set it up:

The new Front Desk Kiosk system will have multiple check-in processes available. You can create these in your Settings > Front Desk and enable your location from there. Please watch the video below for more descriptive instructions.

What does it include?

This new App will include a check-in system for your leads and members, with a scannable QR code available for COVID safety. Your leads and members can check themselves into the club, sign in for an appointment they may have booked, and also sign any waiver forms you have available.

Syncing through to GymLeads:

You can then monitor their check-ins via their GymLeads profile:

And any signed waivers can be found in the new 'Check-Ins' tab:

Viewed in GymLeads:

Viewed as a downloaded PDF:

How to download:

Depending on your device, please use the links below or search for 'Front Desk' in your App store.

From there, you can then have the form sitting open and available ready for members to use:

If they are an existing member, we will find their profile. If they are a new lead, we will create a new profile within GymLeads:

They can then view your waiver form:

And sign:

If you have any questions on the Front Desk App or the setup process, please don't hesitate to contact our support team in the live chat! We hope you enjoy this new feature just as much as we do!

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