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Sending an email

Communicating with leads via email

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You can send an email to a lead by clicking on their email address located on their profile. You can then select a template you’ve already added into the system or start typing a manual email of your own, using our merge tags to help populate your information:

Your signature is generated based on your profile details, so it works best when you've set your full name, phone number, and profile picture.

Email works best when it's personal, so we make it appear as though the email is coming from you. 

Leads can one-click to unsubscribe from any email sent. If they have opted out, all emails or SMSs will be blocked. You can see if a lead has opted out by clicking edit and looking at the opt-out value.

When leads reply, you’ll be able to view them under the ‘Emails’ tab on their profile:


What if the status says 'Link Clicked'?

If you send an email to a lead and it shows 'Link Clicked' the moment you send it,

The reason for this is that some mail apps have been developing new security protocols that will automatically ‘click' the links in the email on behalf of the user receiving it. This is to scan for viruses and other such things.

There is a push by Apple and Microsoft to start doing more to protect their customer's privacy. As a result, this has started to occur across the board for most mailboxes. The inbox providers are starting to block tracking pixels and auto-click on links to hide a user's behaviour.

That being said, you will know that lead actually clicked the link if the 'View History' section shows that the link was clicked more than once.

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