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Sending an SMS

Communicating with leads via SMS

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If your company has enough credit, you can send leads an SMS. It could be to follow up on a deal, ask if they're coming in for an appointment or anything to do with your sale.

GymLeads keeps track of leads that have opted out of communication, and if you try and message someone who has opted out, the message won't send.
If they reply to you, you'll get an email and their response will show up in the lead detail tab under 'text messages'

Maximum SMS length

An ordinary SMS is 153 characters in length, however, you can send longer messages by joining them together. We use special characters to join the SMS messages together so it arrives as one message, however, each SMS is charged separately. The max length of a regular SMS is 591 (after join and opt out characters).
If you add emojis to your messages, they need to be formatted in a special way, which limits each message to 64 characters. This brings the max characters down to 259 (after join and opt out characters)

We give you an estimate of how much your SMS will cost as you're typing it, so you shouldn't run into any surprises.

Automatic appointment reminders

GymLeads can send an automatic SMS to remind the lead of an upcoming appointment if your club manager has set this up. They can configure this in their settings.

Sending times

People don't like receiving text messages while they're asleep, so we make sure not to send any text messages to people between 10 PM and 7 AM. If you manually send a message, or an appointment reminder is set to go off during that time, it will be scheduled to send at 7 am.

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