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Managing your leads

Editing, updating and managing leads in GymLeads

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On the Manage Leads screen, you'll be presented with a list of leads on the left, and filter options on the right.

Searching and filtering

By default, you see all the active leads that are currently assigned to you, however, you can change the selection to narrow it down to whatever you want. For example::

  • You can search for a lead using their name, mobile number or email.

  • Filter leads by their status or progress along the sales funnel

  • Filter leads by tags, heard about methods or lead sources

  • Filter leads when they were last contacted

  • Only show leads assigned to a specific person or club.

By combining the filters above, you can easily narrow your list down to show whichever leads you want.

Working with a specific lead

Selecting a lead on the left-hand side will open the detail screen on the right

The lead detail screen shows you everything you need to know about them, including their personal and contact details, their status, how far along in the funnel they are and their qualification questions.

You can view calls, appointments, notes, emails, text messages and more by selecting the relevant tab. If I wanted to view Steve's call history, I just click on 'calls'

I can see John called and booked an appointment 7 hours ago, and I can schedule or record any other calls from here as well.

Clicking on each of the tabs works the same way.

Contact details

To edit a lead's contact details, simply click 'edit' and update any details you need to. You can also select the mobile number or email field to send an SMS or email.

Moving a lead through the sales funnel

Most of the time, leads will move through the sales funnel automatically based on how you record your calls/appointments. If you want to move a lead to a different step automatically, you can click on the step in the funnel or select 'move to step'

Marking as closed, lost or inactive

A lead is 'active' while they are being managed through the sales funnel, however, eventually they'll change to one of three statuses:

  • Closed: Marking a lead as closed will move them out of the funnel, record a sale against your profile and mark them as closed. Leads are closed automatically after a successful appointment, but you can also close them manually at the last step (the account owner can enable closing at other steps as well).

  • Inactive: Marking a lead as inactive indicates that you could never get in touch with them successfully, but they never gave a solid no. This can be useful for leads that you might want to target later on.

  • Lost: If a lead has said they aren't interested, marking them as lost will move them out of the sales funnel, change them to lost, and record a reason

When a lead is closed, lost or inactive, you can mark it as active again by clicking 'reopen'. This will move them to the first step of the sales funnel and set their status to active.

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