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Assigning new leads

Assigning a lead to a member of your sales team

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When a new lead is created in the system, the staff of the club will be notified (if their communication preferences are set.)

Before a lead can be managed in the sales funnel, they need to be assigned to a salesperson. Anyone with the permissions to assign a lead can do this from queued leads widget on the dashboard

Unassigned leads

Unassigned leads are all the new leads at a given club that haven't been assigned yet. To assign the lead click it and then click who you want to assign it to.

The lead will immediately be assigned to that user, and the user will be notified. The lead will be viewable by that salesperson in the sales funnel and can be actively managed.

Lead time out

Contacting new leads is important to making them feel valued. To keep your team on top of this, new leads that aren't actioned within 10 minutes after the 'When should new leads be contacted' sales target, they are timed out and placed back into the queue.

The lead won't time out if:

  • A call is recorded against them

  • The 'initial call' task is completed

  • The lead is moved to a different sales funnel step

  • A text message or email has been sent

Reassigning leads

Leads can be reassigned by anyone with the appropriate permissions. To reassign a lead, simply click on the currently assigned user and select who should manage it. This can be done from the sales funnel or leads screens.

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