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How can GymLeads help automate your lead capture?

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GymLeads makes your life easy by automatically capturing your leads from a wide variety of sources.

  • Landing pages and websites: Set up an email to lead map to automatically capture leads from any web form/email.

Email maps allows GymLeads to automatically create leads from an incoming email. This is useful for contact forms or landing pages that send an email whenever it is completed. 

This will help you capture any walk ins that can sign up via the Kiosk App or it’s an incredible lead capture tool to use if you’re out making personal sales calls. 

Our Facebook integration is a great way to use social media to help capture any leads that are coming in via your Facebook Lead Ads. We even have an automatic Facebook chat bot that can help capture your leads contact details so you can put them through your sales pipeline. 

Manual entry: If someone calls up, you can manually enter their details and assign them to someone in seconds. 

To enter in a lead, all we need is a first name, location and source. However, we do suggest capturing as many details as you can so you can add them to any marketing funnels you have created. 

The details we suggest capturing are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of birth (MBO integration)

  • Email

  • Mobile 

  • Location

  • Source

  • Where they heard about you 

All these details will make it easier for you to market to them and also help dive into your reporting data. 

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