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Getting Started for Sales Managers
Getting Started for Sales Managers

A step by step guide for setting up GymLeads for your team.

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Getting set up and using GymLeads as part of a sales team only takes a few minutes:

1. Accept the Invitation

Your club owner would have sent you an invitation email like the above. To create an account just click 'get started' (You should sign out of any current sessions before starting)

2. Enter your details

Simply confirm your name, set a solid password and you're ready to go! Once you hit 'sign up' you'll be taken directly to your dashboard.

3. Personalize your profile

It's a good idea to set up your full details and a profile picture as we use these when you send leads an email or SMS. Putting a face to the person they're speaking to will help you appear more personable to your potential customers.

You might also want to check your communication preferences and change when we notify you about things.

4. Set up your club

If you've been put in charge of managing your club you should set up your sales team and integrations:

After that's done you can start creating, assigning and managing the leads for your club. 

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