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How to send closed leads directly to your GymMaster account

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Closed leads can be sent directly to your GymMaster account to make setting them up as new members smoother. Before you set up integration you will need:

Setting Up Integration

  1. Go to Settings->Third Party Integrations->Outgoing and click GymMaster:

2. Enter your API token and unique web URL:

3. Click 'Set up integration. All users will need to log out and in before they can see this option in the system.

Exporting to GymMaster

To export a closed lead, simply click Close and export and select the GymMaster option. If your credentials were correct, the lead will be sent to your platform.

Because of the way GymMaster works, when a lead is exported to their system they are still flagged as a prospect. To change them to a member, simply click on the member and click the toggle from 'Prospect' to 'Member. You can then proceed to set up their division, memberships, etc.

FAQ & Troubleshooting: 

Q: My Lead isn't exporting from GymLeads to GymMaster, how do I fix this?
A: GymMaster requires a Lead's First Name, Last Name, date of birth & email address in order to be exported from GymLeads. Please ensure you have these before trying to export your lead across to GymMaster. 

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