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How to setup your website integration to not affect old leads/members

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GymLeads has the ability to integrate with your website or landing page forms by using an email to lead map email address in GymLeads

For more information on setting this up, read this article

Once you have this integration set up you will see new leads being created on your GymLeads account as people enquire.

By default, if an existing close, lost or inactive lead in GymLeads places their details into the form again it will Re-Activate the lead and mark them as unassigned again.

If you would not like your current leads to be affected by filling in their details again (eg. current members just looking for a point of contact and filling in the wrong form) you can simply switch this toggle below under the email to lead map.

This will allow you to choose an email address to redirect these enquiries to so you are notified without the status of the lead being affected.

NOTE: Once you have turned this on matching leads in GymLeads will no longer be re-opened but a note will be registered in their profile and you will receive an email notification they entered their details again.

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