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Funnels - Using a group for your audience
Funnels - Using a group for your audience

This article will take you through how to use a group as your Funnel audience

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Using a group as your Funnel audience let's you get really specific with your information because you can tell the software at what point you want the lead to be removed from your Funnel.

Create your Group

The first thing to do is create your group. Remember, the left hand side filters bring the leads into the group and the right hand side removes them:

Leads entering the group

In this example, we are bringing in leads that are:

  • Still active

  • Enquired less than 7 days ago

  • Have not booked an appointment

(please remember to select 'all' in the drop down box at the top to make sure that we are looking for leads that match all filters added:

We also have leads entering the group as soon as they are created:

Leads exiting the group

And now I have leads exiting the group when they do book their first appointment:

So this group is perfect to put into a 'New Enquiry' Funnel where leads can receive your 'thank you' email and continue to receive reminders to book in their first appointment. Once they do book in their appointment, they will be automatically removed from your Funnel which means they will no longer receive the reminders.

Adding the group to your Funnel

To add your group to the Funnel, you need to make sure you firstly select the group in your audience:

Once that's done, you then need to make sure your trigger is our group related trigger:

Your trigger should then look like this:

If you need more help with this, please contact our support team.

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