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Leads not going through Funnel
Leads not going through Funnel

This article will help you trouble shoot leads that aren't going through your Funnel.

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This article will run you through the typical reasons why your leads might not be going through your Funnel.

Is your Funnel live?

First of all, please ensure your Funnel is live. If it's live, it will be sitting in the 'Active' Folder in your Funnels:

Has your lead met your audience?

All Funnels are based on the audience and the trigger and that's what brings the lead in. What you want to do first, is make sure the lead firstly has met your audience:

For example, if your audience is based on a lead source of 'website' and your lead came through from Facebook - they will not go into this Funnel. You need to make sure that the lead firstly meets the audience you have set up here.

Has your lead met your trigger?

Next, you want to make sure that your lead has also met your trigger:

For example, the above needs me to actually book an appointment on the lead's profile for them to receive my text message. Please make sure that your lead has also met your Funnel trigger.

My lead meets all the above and still didn't receive my message?

If your lead meets all of the above criteria and still hasn't received your message, firstly check if they have a phone number and/or email address on their profile. If they do not, then this is why.

If they do, then please go into the lead's profile and click 'edit':

And check they haven't opted out of communication:

If you're still unsure, please reach out to us using the blue circle located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Other common issues

I am manually adding leads to the funnel but they are not moving beyond the step I added them to?

Make sure the lead matches the audience filters. Even if you are manually adding a lead to a funnel step, they need to match the audience filters otherwise the system will automatically pull them out again because they do not match those filters.

I have manually removed a lead from a funnel/it had finished the funnel and I want to manually add them to the funnel again, but can't?

The system needs time to ‘clean out’ completed leads from the the funnel. This happens every 30m, so you’d need to wait 30m before the lead is removed from the completed leads and can go through again.

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