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Manually adding a lead

How to add a lead directly into GymLeads

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If you receive leads through a walk-in, email or phone call you will want to also capture their details quickly and have them stored in GymLeads.

To manually add a lead you can use the green circle with the plus icon in the bottom left-hand corner

You will then see a pop up window like this:

The only 3 pieces of information GymLeads requires to create a new lead is the following:

  • First name

  • Location

  • Lead source

Duplicate Leads

GymLeads does not allow duplicate leads, so if you are manually entering a new lead that has the same email or phone number as an exisiting lead, you will either see the below message, indicating the system has recognised a lead with the same name and contact details:

Or this, meaning there is a lead with a DIFFERENT name but the same contact details:

That being said, if you absolutely must create a lead with the same details as another, you can do so by editing the lead after it has already been created. Create the lead with no contact details, then go in and edit them after the lead has been created.

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