GymLeads has now partnered with GymVUE to make moving a sale from GymLeads to GymVUE much easier.

Steps to integrate GymVUE

  1. Request your API key from GymVUE at [email protected]
  2. Log into GymLeads and navigate to Settings
  3. Click on third party integrations and click on GymVUE
  4. Paste the API key as requested and save

Requirements to push a lead to GymVUE

  • First name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Gender

What the integration with GymVUE will allow

  • The ability to push a closed lead from their profile through the to a 'prospect' in GymVUE

How to push a lead to GymVUE

  • You first must make sure the lead is marked as closed using the below button
  • You then can choose to export this lead through the below button
  • You then willl be able to push it through to GymVUE
  • A green confirmation box will appear if all has been exported correctly

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