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How to make a funnel live
How to make a funnel live

A guide to make sure your funnels are active

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When creating a funnel on the marketing app you will be present with a checklist to complete.

You will need to make sure this checklist is complete before you are allowed to make a funnel active.

NOTE: If a funnel is not active and still sitting as a draft leads that meet the trigger will still not go through funnel. Only active funnels will work for your leads.

See below video explaining the process.


If my first step of the funnel is '[x] amount of time after a successful presentation occurs' and a lead had entered the funnel after having their appointment marked as a 'successful presentation', but then I change the outcome of the presentation, will the lead stop going through the funnel?

Yes, but it won't pull them out of the funnel.

The job to send the message should check if they are still eligible before sending

As long as the appointment outcome is changed before the first message has sent, the lead will not receive the message.

Then the lead would just sit at that first step ‘forever’, so if you want them to be able to go through the funnel in the future, you would have to manually remove them from that step first.

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