To get the most out of GymLeads, we strongly recommend creating as many Funnels as you can to help automate a lot of your communication via email and SMS. In our day to day training with clubs, we do see the most common Funnels being created. We've put together a step by step process to help you also create these common Funnels. 

We've created the base work of these Funnels and included the share codes below so you can bring these Funnels into your account and make small adjustments to make them your own.

Please watch the below video to know exactly how to import these share code and also what you may need to change to make this Funnel suitable for your club:

Enquiry Funnel - Share Code 4-a185-ad77

This Funnel will send an email to your new leads thanking them for their enquiry, 3 minutes after they have submitted their enquiry.

Appointment Confirmation Funnel - Share Code 4-342c-0b03

This Funnel will send an email 5 minutes after a lead has booked their first appointment with you. The email will confirm the date and time that they have booked the appointment for.

Appointment Reminder Funnel - Share Code 4-63c0-6d31

This Funnel will send a friendly email reminder to your leads 2 hours before their first presentation. It will include your club address and phone number in case they get lost or need to reschedule.

Trial Funnel - Share Code 4-2884-3984

This Funnel is specifically built for a 7 Day Trial but you can customise it to suit your own clubs trial period as well. It is designed to send your leads a check-in email on day 1, 3, 5 and 7 of their trial. 

Closed Funnel - Share Code 4-f20d-0716

This Funnel will send a general 'welcome to the family' email to a lead 30 minutes after you have just closed them.

Inactive Nurturing Funnel - Share Code 4-63e5-f635

This funnel is designed for you to send promo emails to your inactive leads in the hopes of getting them back into the club. It will send an email 2 weeks after you make them inactive and then monthly for 5 months from there.

If you ever need any help in setting these Funnels up or creating your own unique ones, please never hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team for any help.


If my first step of the funnel is '[x] amount of time after a successful presentation occurs' and a lead had entered the funnel after having their appointment marked as a 'successful presentation', but then I change the outcome of the presentation, will the lead stop going through the funnel?

Yes, but it won't pull them out of the funnel.

The job to send the message should check if they are still eligible before sending

As long as the appointment outcome is changed before the first message has sent, the lead will not receive the message.

Then the lead would just sit at that first step ‘forever’, so if you want them to be able to go through the funnel in the future, you would have to manually remove them from that step first.

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