To ensure all leads that are created in MINDBODY sync through to GymLeads seamlessly, they do need to be ticked as a prospect first. 

You can manually tick leads as prospects as soon as they come through via their profile but if you are wanting to automate this process, please follow the below steps:

The first step is to enable a couple of options in the MINDBODY site that will turn on the feature and then allow individuals to be marked as Prospects:

  • Turn on the Sales Team Management feature in the MINDBODY site by going to Manager Tools --> Settings --> General Setup & Options. In the "System Settings" section, enable the option, "Sales Team Management" and then click the Update button.

  • Next, go to the "Client Management" section and enable the option, "Allow Individuals to be Prospects" and then click the Update button.

Now, you have two ways to have clients become Prospects automatically:

  1. Still in the "Client Management" section of General Setup & Options, enable the setting, "Add New Client - Default to Prospect". This will make any new profile added to the MINDBODY site become marked as a Prospect. This will occur whether the client is added from the site, the Branded Web tools, or any other method. Or,

  2. Using only the API, when adding a new client, you can pass a "IsProspect": true parameter to the POST AddClient request to mark them as a Prospect when adding them with the API. 

If you need any further help with the above, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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