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Setting up funnels with transactional messages and emails
Setting up funnels with transactional messages and emails

How to make sure transactional content reaches leads through a funnel

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Transactional emails and SMS’s are individual messages between a GymLeads user and a lead that relate to the leads original enquiry. 

If a lead chooses to opt out of marketing SMS and emails you may still continue to contact them through transactional messages.

Example of Transactional Messaging could be:

  • Sending an email or SMS on the leads individual profile in the sales app advising of booked appointments or details about their requested trial/enquiry.

  • Automatic emails that are sent through the funnel on the marketing app. These automatic emails will relate to requested information such as appointment reminders or requested information about their enquiry.

  • Bulk opt in emails

Key facts about Transactional messages:

  • Transactional emails are sent from your accounts transactional email domain. This reputation is tracked separately to your marketing domain.

  • Each club is assigned an SMS number to use for transactional SMS. Transactional SMSs are not treated as person to person and you are not charged for replies.

Ways and How to send Transactional messages

  1. Through the leads individual profile on the sales app

   2. When creating a bulk message or email you have the ability to tick that                          correspondence as transactional under settings. These can only be sent to                    closed leads or a bulk opt in email

   3. When creating a funnel, and adding your chosen communication you are then               able to choose if they are transactional under settings

How do I know if leads are opted in or not?

To check if leads are currently opted in or not, head to the profile of the lead on the sales app > click on edit > scroll to the bottom to see what is turned on and off.

Make sure that when you are ticking for transactional related email/sms, otherwise if it is not you will see a high opt out rate and transactional messages will then be opted out of going forward limiting your communication.


If leads have opted out of transactional messaging and emails and the lead wishes to be opted back in, they will need to confirm this via email to yourself and this email will need to be forwarded to GymLeads ([email protected]) for us to be able to opt them back in for you

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