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Connecting ClubManager

Integrating your ClubManager software with GymLeads

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This article is to help you set up your ClubManager integration and showing you how to then export leads to your member management software. 

The integration with ClubManager will allow you to export your 'closed' leads from GymLeads too ClubManager to become active members.

Integrating ClubManager

  1. Go to settings > third party integrations > incoming > ClubManager

   2. When you click on ClubManger you will be asked to provide the username and            password you currently use to log into the software. 

    3. Enter your details and click on setup integration. You will get a green box                       appear at the top of the page stating the integration has been successful. 

Exporting your leads

NOTE: to export a lead to ClubManger you will need a First Name, Last Name, Email, Number and Date of Birth

  1. Go to the 'closed' profile you wish to now export to ClubManager and click on export

   2. Once you have selected export you will be given the option to choose what you           would like to export too - select ClubManager

    3. Once this has been successful a green box will appear at the top of page                      confirming the export has happened. You will now see them as an active                        member in ClubManager.

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