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Sales Dashboard

How to best use the sales dashboard as your daily guide

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This article will help understand what the sales dashboard can offer you and how to use it every day to increase productivity and lead conversion 

Under the Dashboard tab there will both the Management Dashboard (If available with permissions) and the Sales Dashboard. To switch between the two simply click on the name of the dashboard you are switching two in the bottom right of the image above the dashboard.

In the bottom right hand of the image on the Sales Dashboard you can select a certain time you would like to view the activities for. By Default it will only show Today's and anything overdue 

Modules in the Sales Dashboard

Contact Calls
A list of all calls scheduled for Today and calls overdue (shown in red) will appear in this module. You will be able to make calls by clicking on the number if you are using your mobile to view the dashboard, otherwise the name and number of the lead will display to allow you to quickly make your calls down the list.
If you are unsure on why you are calling the lead simply click on the man in the blue box and it will take you to their profile and a history of previous contact.

When you have completed the call tick off you have done so by pressing the tick in the green box. From here you will need to choose an outcome of how the call went and follow the prompts to create your follow ups. 

The system may automatically create a follow up call for you if the lead does not answer, you read more about this here.

A list of call scheduled appointments due for that day will be listed. The name of the lead and the time their appointment has been scheduled for will be listed in order of time.
Again, select the image of the man if you need to view their profile otherwise after the appointment has been completed select the tick to provide an outcome.
Dependant on the outcome you will have multiple options to choose from. It is VERY important to choose the correct outcome as it will prompt a follow up action that can then be reported on. Certain outcomes may also have follow up emails or text messages associated with them through a pre created funnel.

These are simple tasks you have assigned yourself from a leads profile. Things to remind yourself to action on that day.
All you need to do is click the tick when it has been completed.

Sales Targets
These are targets that have been set for the individual sales person that is logged in. Targets can be created under settings, read more about it here.
Under the table, it will outline exactly what needs to be accomplished that day for the sales person to keep on top of their monthly targets. 

Unassigned Leads
These are leads that have come in from the various integrations you have set up. It will outline who the lead is and where it has come from under source.
Click on the leads name to assign it to yourself or to another sales person.

Shared Inbox
Depending on permissions this may or may not be turned on. This module will show you all the leads responses to any Sales Person's marketing. It is usually set up in case one of the sales people are away and so that someone else can get in contact with a leads response straight away. Read more about the shared inbox here

Team Leaderboard
There is a team leaderboard for the month for some healthy competition between sales staff 

Updates on what has been happening and when things have occurred for that sales person and leads that have come in. 

Make sure that your sales staff are using this dashboard daily and are keeping it open on their screen so they can see all activity for the day and mark of outcomes accordingly. 

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