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Automatically schedule customised reports to a chosen user

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Automatic Reporting allows you to automatically have customise reports within GymLeads emailed to you on a chosen date and time.

The benefits of setting up this reporting system is so that you can be the eyes at your location if you are away from the club for a certain amount of time. You will know how your staff's activities are tracking along with how well the sales pipeline is moving forward every day if you choose without having to Login to GymLeads.

The following reports are available for setting up automation with:

  • Leads Report

  • Sales Performance 

  • Time Taken

  • Activity Report

  • Lost Leads

  • Deals Report

  • Trials Report

How to set up an automatic report

  1. Select the report from the reports tab that you would like to have scheduled to your email frequently

  2. Once you have chosen your report, go ahead and choose the desired filters for the information you are looking to view in this report

  3. When you are happy with the filters that have been applied go to the export function in the right hand corner and click the arrow down. From there you will be able to choose 'setup schedule' 

Setting up your schedule

Once you have selected set up schedule a pop up will appear to set your scheduling details

Name: A name that relates to this specific report. You can have multiple scheduled reports for one report type so make it specific to the filters you have applied
Time to send report: This is the time of the day the report will be sent to your email address. Note: If you set up a scheduled report to be sent within the hour it will not send until the next scheduled day
Days to send report: These are the days that the reports you will be send to your email address 

Now you have chosen the details, select 'create' and the subscription has been set up.

Editing my current automatic reports

You are able to edit and delete your active automatic reports under the settings tab on the sales app. Go to Settings > Automatic Reporting

From here you can edit the name of your chosen report as well what users that report is to be emailed to.

Filters that apply to the specific report you have chosen can also be edited from the settings. This means you can change the information you receive on the report without having to delete the subscription and start again.

Updating scheduled times and days for this report is also available under the settings Note: If you set up a scheduled report to be sent within the hour it will not send until the next scheduled day 

You will receive an email that looks like this:

The 'Download Report' link will time out after 24 hours.

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