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Using the Management Dashboard
Using the Management Dashboard

How to best use and read the management dashboard

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The Management Dashboard is one of two dashboards that are available under the Dashboard heading on the toolbar. 

Those users with the correct permissions will able to view this dashboard. It is used to get a glimpse at how the team and club are doing in relation to incoming leads, closing leads and also hitting set targets. 

Once viewing the management dashboard the top four modules are going to give you an update on how leads have tracked for today.

The first box, New Leads will show you how many new leads you have received today from the various integrations you have set up.
The second box, Unassigned leads will show you as of today how many leads have still not been assigned to a sales person.
The third box, Active Leads are all your leads currently sitting at the status of Active as of the day you are viewing the dashboard.
The fourth box, Closed Leads are the amount of leads that have been sold to and marked as closed on the day you are viewing this dashboard.

Coming down, and on the left hand side you will see the New Leads graph.

This graph will visually show you your lead traffic for the past week. You will easily be able to see the peaks and troughs for certain days.

Benefits of  this graph are if you have just run a campaign for a big 'join now' deal and are interested in seeing if it has peaked your lead capturing. At a glance you can check this daily and see how it is tracking.
I would also suggest using this graph to check that leads are coming in as often as you expect, and if they are not coming in I would suggest to check all the ways you expect to receive leads and that your integrations are set up correctly.

On the right of the graph you will see an unassigned module.

The leads that appear in this module have not been assigned to a sales person yet. The leads will be displayed by showing their name, time they inquired and the source where they inquired from. From this module you are also able to view the leads profile by clicking the blue and white person to the right. You will be taken to the leads profile under the manage leads tab.

From this module you are able to assign the lead by simply clicking on the name and choosing the sales person you wish to assign it to.
NOTE: If you do not want to manually assign all leads this way and have one specific sales person you would like to automatically be assigned all incoming leads you can definitely do this is the settings tab.

Coming down, you are then able to see the targets you have set up for the club.

You are able to set up targets to what your club can work towards under the settings tab
The targets module is colour coded to quickly show you how well each step in the sales pipeline is tracking.
Green: Your numbers for that step in the pipeline are above and beyond what is currently expected to reach your monthly target. If you continue to track this way you will go over your monthly target numbers.
White: Your numbers for that steps are perfectly on tracking to meet your end of month target. If you continue to track this way will meet your monthly target comfortably.
Red: You are behind the number that you need for that step to be able to meet your monthly target. If you continue to track this way you will not reach your monthly target.

The targets module will also let you know what Today's Goal so you can make sure you are aiming for a certain number to keep yourself and the team on track for the month.

Coming down you are then able to select a specific sales person to see how they are tracking with their individual targets.

The targets for each sales person will also be colour coded the same as the group targets. From there you are able to review each team member and where they are succeeding but also where they are possibly struggling a little.

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