The Deals Report is a great way to gauge the popularity of the deals/memberships that you currently have on offer to members.

The benefits of using the Deals Report is to understand which sales person is selling what membership. Could your sales people be selling the cheaper one more frequently out of ease? Could they need more training on selling and making those higher priced sales.
You are also able to track the deals by club, and understand what club is making the best and most sales overall.

As with all GymLeads Reports, the Deals Report has filters along the top to help dive deep into whatever data you are looking for.
There are several ways to filter the Deals Report including; 

  • Date Rage : Select the date range you wish to report on. Click on the drop down to choose a pre selected date range or you may use a custom set of dates by choosing custom.
  • Regions: Select the region of clubs you are wishing to look at if you have clubs across multiple regions 
  • Locations: If you are a user across multiple locations, you can filter the report based on all locations or a selection of locations. By default, all locations are selected. 
  • Salespeople: If there are multiple salespeople, you can filter the report based on all users or specific users. By default, all salespeople are selected.
  • Compare By: Either compare the graphs by different clubs or by different users (salespeople)
  • More Filters: You can also filter the report based on Tags, Lead Sources and Heard About Methods. This allows you to ascertain the overall Sales Performance for a Tag, Source or Heard About Method that you've used. These filters are helpful when you want to ascertain the overall performance of a particular campaign or offer you've released. By default; none of these options are selected. 

Once you've selected your filters, you're able to view the relevant data on how your deals are tracking for that date range

The first box, Leads Assigned is the number of leads that were assigned to a sales person within the chosen date range.
The second box, Leads Closed is the number of leads that were marked as closed within the chosen date range.
The third box, Close Rate is the percentage Closed Leads divided by of the amount of leads that came in within that date range.
The fourth box, Top Deal is the most commonly chosen deal when a lead is marked as closed.

The Lost Reason Breakdown and Lost Reason Totals are visual representations of each membership that was chosen when a lead was marked as closed. 

The Lost Reason Breakdown graph can either be compared by Club or by User (salesperson). Each colour will match a deal as per the key above the graph. 

The Full Report highlights each deal that was chosen within that date range and the total number for each. This report will also be able to be compared by User or Club. 

NOTE: The bottom modules data can be exported via a CSV in the top right hand corner

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