The Lead Allocation Report is a great to way to track who in your sales team is assigning leads and being assigned leads.

The benefits of using the Lead Allocation report is to see how many leads have come in and how well your sales team are at assigning them to themselves and then closing those leads as a result. NOTE: This report will not be very beneficial on tracking sales teams if you have an auto assign rule turned on as all leads will be automatically assigned to one team member. 

As with all GymLeads Reports, the Lead Allocation report will allow you to customise the data you are seeing by using the filters on the left hand side.
There are several ways to filter the Lead Allocation Report, including; 

  • Date : Select the date range you wish to report on. Click on the calendar to choose a pre selected date range or you may use a custom set of dates by clicking in the FROM and TO. 
  • Locations: If you are a user across multiple locations, you can filter the report based on all locations or a selection of locations. By default, all locations are selected. 
  • Salespeople: If there are multiple salespeople, you can filter the report based on all users or specific users. By default, all salespeople are selected.
  • More Filters: You can also filter the report based on Lead Sources and Heard About Methods. This allows you to ascertain the overall Sales Performance for a Source or Heard About Method that you've used. These filters are helpful when you want to ascertain the overall performance of a particular campaign or offer you've released. By default; none of these options are selected. 

NOTE: With this report you need to click 'update data' at the bottom of the filters to then have the filters apply.

Once you've selected your filters, you're able to view the relevant data on how your sales team are performing along the top module

The first box, Leads In is the number of leads that came into GymLeads during your chosen date range
The second box, Leads Allocated is the number of leads that were assigned to a sales person during your chosen date range.
The third box, Lead Allocation ratio is the the percentage of leads in compare to Leads Allocated
The fourth box, Close Ratio is the percentage of the amount of leads marked as closed during that date range divided by Leads In

The Allocation Summary Graph shows a visual representation of each step. It will give you a quick reference to closure rates compares to Allocated Leads, or even allocated leads to Leads that have come in. If the allocated column is much lower then the Leads In column than you know very quickly there is not enough urgency in your team to be assigning and contacting Leads.

The Lead Allocation Breakdown highlights the Leads In, Leads Allocated and Leads closed by sales people.  Useful for comparing sales members and their numbers.

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