The Time Taken Report allows you to view and understand how long it takes for leads to move through key aspects of the sales process. 

As with all GymLeads Reports, the Time Taken Report is able to be filtered in several ways in order to deep dive into the data. 

  • Date Range: Select the date range you wish to report on, you can also view custom date ranges using the custom button in the drop-down menu. By default, the date range of today is selected. 
  • Regions: If you are using regions to segment your locations, you can filter the report based on all regions or a selection of regions. By default, all regions are selected. 
  • Locations: If you are a user across multiple locations, you can filter the report based on all locations or a selection of locations. By default, all locations are selected. 
  • Salespeople: If there are multiple salespeople, you can filter the report based on all users or specific users. By default, all salespeople are selected. 
  • Funnel Steps: You can filter the report to view specific steps of the sales funnel. By default, there are no specific steps selected. 
  • More Filters: You can also filter the report based on Tags, Lead Sources and Heard About Methods. These filters are helpful to understand how long key tasks are taking for various sources and heard about methods. By default; none of these options are selected. 
  • Compare By: You can compare the data displayed in the report in several ways including by Salesperson, Clubs and Lead Source. By default, the compare by clubs view is selected. 

Remember, you can also export a copy of this report to excel. A copy of the report with the selected filters will be emailed to the address we have on file. 

Please note when pulling this report; that this report calculates averages for events that occurred on the selected dates and reflects how long it took for the leads sales funnel steps/status to move to the relevant step. This report does not factor in when the lead was created. 

Use Cases for the Time Taken Report: 

  • Understand how long it is taking your leads to move through the sales process 
  • Understand how long it takes for key tasks, such as leads being assigned to a salesperson, the first call taking place. 
  • Understand how long it takes for leads to move between each step of the sales process. 

It's important to remember, that this report is showing averages for each metric, for the filters that have been applied to the report. 

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