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Re-Adding your Facebook Integration
Re-Adding your Facebook Integration

Prepare for changes made by Facebook to ensure your GymLeads & Facebook Integration continues to work after April 19th 2021.

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Due to a Facebook update in April 2021, you may have noticed that your Facebook integration with GymLeads has dropped out or is now faulty. If this is the case, please follow the below steps to remove and re-integrate your Facebook with GymLeads.

Part 1: Remove Current Integration from the GymLeads side

  1. Login to GymLeads and navigate to Settings > Third Party Integrations 

  2. Select the location you wish to remove the integration for 

  3. Select Incoming 

  4. Click on Facebook and press the red delete button in the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up. 

Part 2: Remove Current Integration from the Facebook side

  1. Login to Facebook and navigate to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Business Integrations

  2. Select the checkbox next to the GymLeads logo

  3. Click the 'Remove' button above the checkbox

  4. Click the 'Remove' button in the pop-up box

Part 3: Re-Adding Your Facebook Integration

  1. Ensure you're logged out of Facebook in your browser

  2. Hard refresh your GymLeads Page (Hold the shift button while pressing the refresh button)  

  3. Select the location you wish to re-add the integration for

  4. Select Incoming 

  5. Click on Facebook 

  6. Follow the prompts to login - please ensure you see this screen once you've logged in; "Continue as YOUR NAME" 

  7. Press Continue as "YOUR NAME"

  8. Press 'Choose what you allow'

    10. Ensure all the permissions are turned on ONLY for the page/pages you need to integrate with your locations. You must do this to every section, there are about 8 sections.

       11. Press 'Continue'
       12. Press Next, and select the page you wish to integrate
       13. Ensure you have the relevant integrations turned on
       14. Press Done. 

If you are having challenges re-adding your integration, please contact our support team and they can assist you.

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