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SnapDD Integration

Learn how to integrate GymLeads with SnapDD

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You can export a closed lead to your SnapDD sign up page to complete the membership process. 

Request your SnapDD URL & Location ID: 

You will need a copy of your SnapDD URL (online signup URL) and your location ID. If you don't have this information, we suggest to reach out to SnapDD directly for some assistance. 

Setup the Integration

To set up the integration between GymLeads & SnapDD, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Select the location you wish to set up the integration for 

  2. Select SnapDD option 

  3. Add in your URL and Site ID

  4. Press Done

Using the Integration: 

To export the information for a closed lead to your SnapDD signup page, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the lead as closed in GymLeads 

  2. Press the blue export button 

  3. Select the SnapDD option 

  4. Press the "Open in SnapDD" button

  5. This will open your SnapDD page and prefill all the leads data. 

  6. Complete the relevant information to process the membership. 

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