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Learn how to integrate your Facebook Page with GymLeads to easily capture leads.

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Things to review before you set-up your Facebook Integration: 

Location Limitation

Due to a limitation with Facebook, you can only connect a Facebook page to a maximum of one location. 

Remove all existing bots

Before getting started, you'll need to make sure you have removed all other bots from your page, such as ManyChat, before connecting GymLeads. Facebook doesn't allow two bots to manage the same page.

You can check to see which bots are connected by going to the settings page on your Facebook page and clicking on 'messenger platform. Make sure that no others are listed here (Page Inbox is setup on all pages by Facebook and isn't a problem). You'll need to have admin permissions on the page to remove any existing bots.

Setting up the Integration

Getting started with Facebook Integration is simple. Follow these steps to set it up. 


  1. Navigate to Settings; Third Party Integrations > Your Location > Incoming2

  2. Select Facebook and log in. Make sure you're logging in with a user that has admin access to your gyms Facebook pages:

  3. Once you've logged in and granted permissions, select the page you want to link to this location. 

  4. After selecting the club, you can select a predefined goal for your leads.

  5. Customise which integration features you'd like to activate, by toggling them on/off. Learn more about each toggle by hovering your mouse over the ⓘ symbol next to each toggle.

  6. Click done and then GymLeads will be connected to your Facebook page! 

Facebook Lead Ads and the GDPR

All leads that have enquired through a Facebook Lead Ad will automatically be opted-in to marketing communications, however, under the GDPR it is a legal requirement and your responsibility as a business that all your Facebook Lead Ads have an opt-in/consent checkbox like the below.

More information on the GDPR HERE.

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