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Private Email Recipes

Share your email templates with other GymLeads Users

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Ever created a great template and wanted to share it with other GymLeads accounts? The Private Recipes feature allows you to share your beautiful email templates with other GymLeads Accounts. 

To access the private recipes feature, follow these steps. 

Create a Private Recipe:

  1. Navigate to the email template you wish to share. 

  2. Click on the settings tab for that template. 

  3. Click the green “generate share code” for that template. 

  4. Copy and paste that code and email to the person you wish to share the email template with.

Access a Private Recipe: 

  1. Navigate to the templates tab in the marketing app

  2. Click on the create new HTML template button 

  3. Select the “Share Code” option 

  4. Enter the code that has been shared with you 

  5. Click the green “create template” button 

  6. Make any edits needed to the template remembering to save any changes you make as you go.

We will be releasing Private Recipes for SMS, Groups and Funnels in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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