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Adding a New Location

Learn how to add an additional location to your account

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Congratulations on growing your business. Adding a new location to your GymLeads account is super easy, in just a few steps you’ll have your new location all set up and ready to go! 

Things you’ll need to setup your new location; 

  • Contact details for the new location, address, phone number, email address 

  • The billing details for the new location (if they are different to your existing location) 

To set up the new location follow these steps; 

  1. Navigate to settings > locations 

  2. Click the blue, ‘add a new location’ button on the right hand side

  3. Complete the relevant information for your new location 

  4. Click the green create location button 

  5. That’s it! It’s all set up! 

Some things you’ll want to do after setting up your location are; 

  • Invite your team members to the new location. You can invite new team members or share existing users across multiple locations. Read more on how to do that here. 

  • Add your Third Party Integrations. Read more on how to do that here. 

  • Add some SMS credit so you can send out your SMS messages. This article explains how to

  • Set up or share any email or SMS templates with the new location. You can do this by navigating to the template you wish to share, then click on settings and share across locations. 

  • Setup some funnels for the new location. 

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