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Bulk Email Deliverability

Tips to make sure your email campaigns get to your leads inbox!

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Sending bulk emails to your leads and members is a great way to keep in touch and share important updates and offers. However, not all bulk email campaigns are delivered successfully and it’s important to know the reasons why. 

There are many factors that affect your sending reputation, one of the main ones being your bounce rate. Email providers such as Google, Yahoo and Outlook look at your domain's bounce rate as a way to determine if you're a spammer or not. To avoid being perceived as a spammer, there are several things that GymLeads does in the back end to improve and protect your sending reputation, so that your leads can get all the great content your sending their way. 

As part of this behind the scenes work, if your campaign bounce rate gets too high, the sending of the campaign will be stopped and you’ll need to review your audience’s email addresses and try again. 

Things to look for if you have a high bounce rate: 

  • The email address listed on the leads profile is misspelt or invalid ([email protected] is not a valid email!) 

  • The email address has been canceled and no longer exists.

It’s really important to ensure that you have a great sending reputation that you spend the time to ensure that each email address is entered into the system correctly (i.e. free of typos) and that the email address is a valid email address. An extra 5 seconds double checking a leads email address can save you a lot of time in the long run! 

You can view your campaign bounce rate for your individual campaign by clicking here and then finding your campaign in the list. When you click on the campaign you’ll be able to view the results in a graph format and also dive deeper on individual recipients actions by clicking on the results breakdown tab. 

Things to consider before sending your next bulk email

  1. Does my email include the content that your subscribers want to receive? 

  2. Will my subscribers want to read or interact with this email? Is the content of a high quality and meaningful to them? 

  3. Is this email a positive reflection of your brand? 

  4. Is the message going to the right person at the right time? There's nothing worse then a lead getting an email aimed at members and vice versa. 

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