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Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Messages
Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Messages

How to set up automatic appointment confirmation and reminder messages using the Funnels feature

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One of the most useful features of GymLeads for the fitness industry is its ability to send automatic appointment confirmation and reminder messages through the funnels feature. This article will explain how to set up automatic appointment confirmations and reminders using the GymLeads Marketing Module. 

  1. First you will need to navigate to the marketing module in GymLeads 

2. Then click on the templates tab 

3. You will need to create your email and/or sms templates for your messages. Ensure you use merge tags such as, first name, appointment date, appointment time etc., when creating your templates to personalise them for each lead. 

4. Once you have created your templates, click on the funnels tab

5. Click ‘create new funnel’ 

6. Select the funnel type you would like to create based off the templates, in this instance you will want to pick either ‘Appointment Reminder’ or ‘Appointment Confirmation’  

7. Edit your funnel steps. 

You will need to update the following fields; 

  • Triggers (what is going to cause this message to send)

  • Select the email/sms you wish to send (you will need to check each message and send yourself a preview before sending them out). 

  • Confirm when the email/sms will be sent out

8. Select your audience: 

  • As the message will only be sent out once the trigger has been met, you will need to keep your audience very broad. In this instance, we have set the audience to be for the location, which means that any leads that book an appointment at that location will be sent the appointment confirmation/reminder. 

  • We recommend setting the audience to your location, that way, all leads that book an appointment will be sent their confirmation and/or reminder message. 

9. Click on Check and Start, then scroll down and click start funnel to activate your funnel! 

You will be able to view the funnel and the leads that moving through the funnel after it is active, similar to the screen below. 



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