Keep track of leads in a trial and when they will finish.

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Trials allow you to keep track of when a lead is due to finish a trial, as well as trigger automations that relate to your trials time periods.

Setting up Trials

To create a new trial type, head over to Settings and select 'Trials' on the left hand side.

Create a new trial with a name and number of days. This is the number of days the trial typically goes for.

Putting a Lead in a Trial

With a lead selected, you can simply click on their trial option in the detail panel, and select the trial from the list. If you need to change the date for that lead specifically or remove them from the trial, click the panel again.

Scheduling Trials for the Future

You can also schedule a trial to start in the future. Simply select the date the lead is starting the trial, then the trial itself.

Filtering in the Sales App

In the sales app, you can view leads who are in a trial by selecting the trial' filter and selecting 'in trial'
If you want to limit the number of days (for example, all leads whose trial is ending in 15 days) change to Trial ends in

Filtering in the Marketing App

In the marketing app, you can filter audiences by those in a trial, not in a trial, in a specific trial, or whose trial is ending in less or more days.

Trial automation triggers

You can also setup automation triggers when:

  • A lead is added to a specific trial.

  • A trial has or will end after X days.

You can use these to setup an email to go out after they've started a trial, or an SMS to go out when they have 5 days left.

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