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Setting Up PerfectGym Integration

Export your leads as members to PerfectGym

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Closed leads can be sent directly to your PerfectGym account to make setting them up as new members smoother.

Request an API user

Before getting started, you'll need to make sure that the API module is enabled for your PerfectGym account. You'll also need to request a special API user from PerfectGym support. (We need this to make calls on your behalf.)

Setting up Integration

With your API user details ready, head over to third party integrations, select the club you want to set up the integration for, and select PerfectGym from the integration list:

  1. Enter your PerfectGym domain. You can find this by navigating to your PerfectGym login screen and looking at the URL. (Eg, if your URL is, then your domain is happy

2. Enter your API username, password and click next. We'll check if it's right

3. Select the PerfectGym club you want to link this location to. This is the club we'll send the lead to.

4. And you're done! Your API access lasts for several months, so you'll need to come back and re-authenticate before it expires. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder a week before it does.

Anyone that logged in before the integration was setup will need to log out and in before they are able to use it.

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