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Transactional vs Marketing Communication
Transactional vs Marketing Communication

What they mean and when to use them

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There are two different types of communication in GymLeads, transactional and marketing.

Transactional emails and SMS’s are individual messages between a GymLeads user and a lead that relate to the leads original enquiry.

Transactional messages can be:

  • A manual email or SMS sent from the sales app by a user to a lead.

  • Automated emails or SMSs that are part of a funnel (only active, unassigned and closed leads can receive automated transactional messages)

  • Bulk opt in emails

Key facts about Transactional messages:

  • Transactional emails are sent from your accounts transactional email domain. This reputation is tracked separately to your marketing domain.

  • Each club is assigned an SMS number to use for transactional SMS. Transactional SMSs are not treated as person to person and you are not charged for replies.

Marketing emails and SMS’s are promotional in nature and don’t need to specifically relate to the leads initial enquiry.

Marketing messages can be:

  • Automated emails that are part of a funnel, letting them know about different classes or a new sale.

  • Bulk SMS to inactive leads about an end of year sale.

Key facts about marketing messages

  • Marketing emails are sent from your accounts marketing email domain. This reputation is tracked separately to separately to your transactional domain.

  • Each club is assigned a marketing SMS number, which may be different to the transactional number.

  • The United States and Canada have specific laws about SMS marketing, that state all SMS marketing message must be sent from a toll free number. If your club is in this region, you will be charged for any replies.

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