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Manually updating group members
Manually updating group members

Manually add and remove group members.

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As well as automatic groups, which update based upon criteria you set, you can add and remove members from a group manually. You could use manual groups to create a list of specially selected VIP members.

ℹ️ Note that any automatic rules you’ve set could override the manual updates you make. Taking our female leads example, if you manually added a lost lead to the group they would automatically be removed by GymLeads because their status would be lost, not active.

  1. Head to the Groups page by clicking the Groups option at the top of the page in the Marketing App.

  2. Start a new group by clicking Create a new group.

  3. Name the group, then click Create group.

  4. Add and remove members by following the below steps.

Manually add members

  1. Add a group member by clicking Add manually.

  2. Find the member by typing their name, then clicking Search.

  3. Add the member to the group by selecting them from the search results, then clicking Add lead.

The lead or client you selected will now be included in the list of group members and available to be used in funnels and bulk messages.

Manually remove members

  1. Choose the members to remove from the group by ticking the box to the left of each member’s name. You can select multiple members at a time.

  2. Remove them from the group by clicking Remove from Group, then clicking I’m sure.

The leads or clients you selected will be removed from the list of group members and are no longer available to be used in funnels and bulk messages.

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