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Creating a Quick Send email template
Creating a Quick Send email template

Create quick and simple text-only email templates that you can use across automation funnels and bulk messaging.

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Using GymLeads Marketing, you can create a Quick Send email template, which is just a simple, text-only email template.

How to create the template

  • Navigate to Templates > Email > Quick Send Templates

  • Select Create new Quick Send email template.

  • Name your template e.g. Appointment reminder.

  • Create your template by filling in the email subject, email body and using any merge tags you'd like. 

  • Once you’re done, click Save template to finish.

You can also build HTML email templates and SMS templates.

Adding personalisation merge fields

You can personalise your email template by adding in merge fields, like your lead’s first name or your club’s name.

  • Select Insert merge tag.

  • Select the merge field that you’d like to include e.g. Lead first name

Not sure what kind of emails to send? Read our blog on 9 ways to use email marketing for your gym.

Managing club access

  • Navigate to the Settings tab in your email template builder.

  • In the Template Details section, select which clubs can access the template by editing the Manage club access.

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