Using GymLeads Marketing, you can create an email template with a ‘drag and drop’ layout. This means you can add images and format your text, and create professional marketing emails.

How to create the template

  • Navigate to Templates.

  • Select Create new HTML email template.

  • Name your template e.g. End of trial follow up.

  • Select from one of the designs available, or copy from one of your existing templates.

  • Give your template an email subject e.g. Your trial is ending!

  • Design your template by dragging and dropping the modules you’d like into the email editor. 

  • Once you’re done, click Save template to finish.

You can also build Quick Send email templates and SMS templates. For some email marketing template ideas, check out our blog on 9 ways to use email marketing for your gym.

Using content modules

Content modules help you quickly build your template. All you have to do is drag and drop them into place and edit them to include what content you’d like, whether it’s a button, divider, HTML, image or text. 

Adding content 

  • Click and drag the row with the number of columns that you’d like into place.

  • Click and drag the content that you’d like into the row.

  • Edit the content by clicking into your editor e.g. upload an image.

  • To change the structure of your template, simply drag and drop the content.

Adding personalisation merge fields

You can personalise your email template by adding in merge fields, like your lead’s first name or your club’s name. This can only be done in text content modules.

  • Select Personalize.

  • Select the merge field that you’d like to include e.g. Lead first name

Deleting content

Delete content by selecting it in the editor and clicking the trash can icon.

Navigate to the Links tab for a checklist of the links included in your email. 

Managing club access

  • Navigate to the Settings tab in your email template builder.

  • In the Template Details section, select which clubs can access the template by editing Club Access. 

Share Code

Have you designed a template that you think a fellow GymLeads client would love to implement in their business too?

To do this, just go to ‘Settings’ and generate a share code

You can then give this code to another business and they can copy and paste it into their account. 

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