Setting up a Marketing Funnel

Create a marketing automation funnel to simplify onboarding, and improve engagement and retention.

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Marketing funnels allow you to trigger and send emails and texts at the right time to the right people. This is a form of marketing automation, and can help you with nurturing your leads and retain your existing members.

*Note: All automated emails and SMS are marketing by default. You can change this by ticking this box in the settings of each individual SMS and email you want to send:

However automated transactional messages can only go to leads that are unassigned, active or closed. Click here to read more about marketing vs transactional messaging.

Some examples of how to use marketing funnels are:

  • sending out automated SMS appointment confirmations and reminders 

  • sending customers an email on their birthday

  • drip feed leads and new customers with more information about your gym.

Setting the funnel steps

  • Navigate to Funnels

  • Select Create New Funnel

  • Name your template e.g. New signup reminder.

  • Choose from one of the pre-built funnel recipe options below, or you can 'Start from Scratch'

  • Select Set up your steps to start building the steps of your funnel.

  • Check the funnel trigger - a trigger is an event you specify that will start the funnel e.g. 2 hours before a presentation occurs.

  • Decide what action you want to happen - send an email or SMS. Make sure you preview everything.

  • If required, set the schedule for when you'd like the action to happen.

Selecting an audience

You can set an audience for a funnel by selecting a group you've already created, or setting filters for that specific funnel e.g. All leads where location is 'Melbourne Central'. 

Don't forget to hit Save Audience.

Making the funnel live

  • Navigate back to Check and Start.

  • Your checklist is a series of big green ticks. Brilliant work – your funnel is ready to be turned on.

  • Make your funnel live by selecting Start Funnel.

You can choose to pause or delete funnels anytime you'd like. 

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