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Transitioning from the GymLeads Sales app
Transitioning from the GymLeads Sales app

Transition to our brand new email and SMS marketing automation platform.

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If you used GymLeads before our marketing product was released, you'll notice a few changes when your account gets access. Here are the main changes you should be familiar with:

Email Templates

Previously, you were only able to change the text in your email templates. Now you have the ability to create HTML templates that style however you like.

You can also create Quick Send email templates. These are text-only templates that operate the same as as the old email templates did, however you can edit the surrounding HTML, so they an appear on brand for your gym.

All of your old email templates will become Quick Send email templates, which you can edit in the marketing app.

SMS Templates

SMS templates are much the same as they were before, however you can now include links, and GymLeads will automatically shorten and track their clicks for you.

SMS templates can be updated and managed in the marketing app.

Sending Emails

Sending emails will look familiar. You are presented with a similar interface to when you sent emails in the old version. You can write a new email using the new merge fields drop down or select a refined Quick Send template.

You'll also be able to send a HTML email if you have set up HTML templates.

Sending SMS

Sending SMS messages from the marketing app is almost exactly the same. The only difference is that merge fields can now be selected from a list, rather than by using the keyboard shortcut.

Merge Fields

We've updated our merge fields to be a bit easier to use. Now, whenever you are composing an email or SMS, you can select from a list of merge fields.

Email and SMS Campaigns

Email and SMS campaigns have been renamed to Mass SMS and Mass Email, and are now managed in the marketing app.

Mass Email and Mass SMS have a variety of new features, including scheduling, a send checklist, merge tag checking, link click tracking and more.

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