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Introducing the GymLeads Marketing app
Introducing the GymLeads Marketing app

Discover GymLeads' comprehensive email and SMS marketing automation platform.

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GymLeads Marketing works together with GymLeads Sales to help you convert more leads into members, and retain your customers. There are four key features of GymLeads Marketing:

  • Send one-off email and SMS campaigns using Bulk Messaging
    e.g. Christmas Promotion SMS 

  • Create HTML Templates with images and links for email and SMS campaigns
    e.g. Monthly Newsletter Email Template, Refer A Friend SMS Template

  • Segment your leads and customers into Groups to send them targeted emails and SMS
    e.g. New Leads, Female Members

  • Set up Funnels that trigger follow up emails and texts at the right time
    e.g. automated appointment confirmation and reminders via SMS

Here are three ways you can use GymLeads Marketing features:

Nurture your leads

Share more information about what makes your gym special to your leads to convince them to join up.

  • Create a new group called ‘New Leads’, and set a filter for ‘lead enquires (is created)’.

  • Create an email template called ‘About our gym’ in Templates sharing the key features of your gym e.g. specialised HIIT training, personalised training programs.

  • Create a funnel to send out the ‘About our gym’ email to the ‘New Leads’ group after a day they become a lead.

Keep your customers coming back

Send out one-off newsletter updates to your leads and members.

Grow your business

Send out an SMS campaign to new customers, inviting them to bring a friend to their next visit.

  • Create a new group called ‘One month customers’, and set a filter for ‘status changes to closed’.

  • Create an SMS template called ‘Bring a friend’ in Templates.

  • Create a funnel to send out the ‘Bring a friend’ SMS to the ‘One month customers’ after one month of them joining.

If you haven’t used marketing automation software before, don’t be intimidated. Start one campaign at a time and before you know it, you will grasp how all the pieces fit together. Together with GymLeads Sales, our Marketing product will help create a sustainable sales and marketing strategy for your business.

If you are looking for some extra training or help with GymLeads for or your staff members you can book our webinars here

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