So you’re ready to integrate with MINDBODY? Let’s get started by linking your GymLeads location to your MINDBODY site.

ℹ️ Note that these steps need to be completed by the GymLeads account owner using their MINDBODY owner account.

Adding the MINDBODY integration

Follow the below steps to link your GymLeads location to your MINDBODY site.

1. Head to the Integration settings page by clicking the Settings option at the top of the page, then clicking the Third Party Integrations option in the left hand menu.

2. Open the club or studio that you want to link with MINDBODY by clicking the location name.

3. Choose the MINDBODY integration in the Outgoing section.  The MINDBODY integration setup screen will appear.

4. Add your MINDBODY studio ID in the Studio ID field, then click Next.  You can find your studio ID by logging in to MINDBODY, then scrolling to the bottom of the page where it's shown at the very bottom-right.

5. Authorise GymLeads to access MINDBODY by clicking Authorize club.  MINDBODY will open in a new page and you'll need to sign in with your owner account then follow the instructions to authorise GymLeads.  

If you're not the MINDBODY owner, you can go back to GymLeads and click Send email to manager to email the authorisation instructions to your MINDBODY owner.  You can come back to this step at any time by repeating steps 1 to 3.

6. Once you've authorised GymLeads to access MINDBODY, continue by clicking Next.

7. Choose the MINDBODY location to associate with your chosen club or studio by clicking the location name, then click Next.

8. Adjust the integration permissions to suit your needs, then click Done.  The default options work well for most people and you can change them at any time by repeating steps 1 to 3.  You can read about each option in the 'Integration permissons' section below.

You’ve now linked GymLeads to MINDBODY. Now there’s one final step to ensure MINDBODY sends new leads to GymLeads when people sign up using the MINDBODY website or app.

Integration permissions

You can update these permissions at any time by repeating steps 1 to 3 above.

  • Export Lead: Allows you to manually export leads to MINDBODY (not required if Sync Lead is enabled).
  • Sync Lead: When this is on, GymLeads automatically sync all leads with your MINDBODY account. Learn more.
  • Staff Accounts: When this is on, you can link a GymLeads team member with a MINDBODY user, and invite your MINDBODY staff to use GymLeads.
  • Keep notes and contacts in Sync: When this is on, GymLeads will send notes and communications to MINDBODY as contact logs. Learn more.
  • Appointments from class timetable: When this is on, appointment scheduling will use the class timetable from MINDBODY (requires Class attendance requires a booking to be enabled). Learn more.
  • Class attendance requires a booking: When this is on, GymLeads will attempt to book the lead in to your selected class.
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